About us

Heralding from a country whose ancient civilization were the forefathers of perfume, Delta Aromatic aims to reintroduce the inventiveness in fragrance creation.

Established in 1982, we begin our process by cultivating a variety of aromatic herbs and seeds in our 2000-acre plantation in Beni Suef, Egypt. Then in our state of the art production facility our dedicated team specializes in manufacturing over 2500 distinct fine fragrances.

Today our memorable scents are used in a myriad of cosmetic, body care, soaps, detergents and chemical products globally. With people all over the world using fragrant products, we hope to enhance the human experience through wonderfully shared sensory experiences.

Delta Aromatic is a full service manufacturer and supplier, specializing in solutions for the home care, body care, and fine perfumery industries with over 35 years of regional experience.

• We are local, and appreciate regional tastes and requirements

• We are focused and dedicated to our customers

• We are flexible and agile, to meet new demands

• We are inspired by excellence, precision, and creativity

• We respect integrity, fairness and transparency

Delta Aromatic has invested in one of the largest R&D centers in the Middle East and Africa, focusing only on home care and personal care applications and their ingredients.  Our expertise is combined by our IIS (Integrated Ingredients Systems) business unit, in order to deliver ready to sell finished products for our clients.  We can offer private labels or our very own “Delro” brand as required, fully serviced from idea phase to realization. Below are a few examples of our product line ups:

 Air Freshener (Cloudy / Alcohol base / Water base)

 Odder Remover

 Disinfection Surface Cleaner

 Hand Gel

 Hand Soap

 Soap Bar

 Shower Gel

 Shampoo

 Conditioner

 Hair Cream